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DESTROY CANCER, with our next generation alternative treatment!

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Destroy Cancers without damage to surrounding tissues and organs!

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What CoNexus Care Immunotherapy Means to You

Overall Tumor Load Reduction

Greatly reduce/destroy all late stage cancers and/or inoperable tumors without causing damage to surrounding organs or tissue(s).

Enhanced Auto-Immune Response

Introduce dendritic cancer vaccine designed to help the immune system to better identify evasive cancer cells. This can help destroy, hamper or even reverse progressive tumor growth.

Hinder Further Tumor Spreading

Hinder or prevent cancer cells from spreading (metastasis) to other parts of the body through introduction of tumor antigens specifically designed to accelerate cancer cell death , and;

Potential Cancer Resolution

Within several weeks, real chance for patient to return home with the overall tumor load in FULL REMISSION.

What does CoNexus Care offer?

CoNexus Care offers significant improvements over most conventional and even alternative treatments. Features and advantages of CoNexus Care.

One of CCC's prestigious oncologists will consult, evaluate and discuss a treatment plan for you. These plans are uniquely individualized. Your post-treatment plans will include follow up benchmarks, and a report for your home-based physician.

Stops and limits the expansion or growth of the cancer.
Alerts the immune systems that there is an invader.
Greatly reduces late stage or inoperable cancers without causing unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues.
Side Effects are minimal.

We are Cancer Assassins

We Offer Exceptional Targeted Immunotherapy Using the Tumor as its Remedy


CoNexus Tumor Cell Profiling

CTCP analyzes tumor cells in real time, selecting only those drugs, compounds, and/or supportive therapies scientifically shown to destroy tumor cells in the shortest span of time, thus removing all doubt about therapeutic ineffectiveness. By using treatment options discovered in the laboratory, our oncologist are able to DOUBLE favorable response rates, translating into significantly better survival rates for you the patient. A personalized cancer therapy tailored for the patient, not for an insurance reimbursement code!

We are the first and only Cancer Center in the world offering CoNexus Care.

CoNexus Care is a "tumor-destroying" treatment designed to transform a potentially terminal diagnosis into a manageable health condition or even better!

CoNexus Care involves several non-toxic antigen vaccines injected directly into the tumor under CT scan guidance.

CoNexus Care Immunotherapy Injections

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections

CoNexus vaccines circulate within tumor only, never entering healthy cells.

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections

Conventional Chemotherapy Injections

Toxic chemo cirulates through the entire body eventually damaging healthy cells, while small percentage actually reaches tumor.

Board Certified Internists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists and Interventional Anesthesiologists

Conexus Cancer doctors are highly trained, board certified and fully licensed physicians. Many have sub-specialities, and all are trained in the delivery of safe and effective cancer treatments which have undergone rigorous clinical trials and studies. Many of these treatments are from global venues such as (United States), Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Cuba, and the UK.

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Our Team of Specialists

Need Hope? We Offer Options!

Does Your Cancer Treatment Plan Offer:

  •   Tumor-targeted therapies individually tailored to treat your particular cancer and stage.
  •   Unique "firewall" to stop lethal cancer cells from spreading to other parts of your body (metastases).
  •   Unique "tumor busting" program to greatly reduce the number and size of existing lethal tumor loads.
  •   Safe and effective state-of-the art medicines/devices that may not yet be approved within U.S. or Canada.

If you answer NO to any of these questions, please click here.