Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatment

Learning you need breast cancer treatment is devastating enough, but what if you later learn that you now need "stage 4 breast cancer treatment".

Very often when this occurs, many stage IV cancer patients have already become disillusioned with their conventional cancer care. Why, because their primary breast cancer treatment was to have prevented the cancer from spreading beyond the breasts, therefore their conventional medicine failed them.

Stage 4 breast cancer describes a primary cancer that has spread beyond the breast into nearby lymph nodes and beyond. When breast cancer spreads, it most commonly goes to the bones, liver, and lungs. It may also spread to the brain or other organs.

Most women undergo conventional systemic chemotherapy for stage 4 breast cancer treatment. This breast cancer treatment may also include hormone therapy, targeted therapy, radiation, surgery and some combination thereof. Local treatments such as surgery or radiation might also be used to help prevent or treat symptoms.

However, many advanced stage patients are ready for something different, something they feel will make a real difference in helping them get their life back on track. Presumably a viable alternative treatment for stage 4 breast cancer to what they've done in the past.

To patient’s seeking alternative treatment for stage 4 breast cancer, now is not time to lose hope! Our mission is to provide the most aggressive and effective stage 4 breast cancer treatment for you, so you can begin to get your life back.

Stage 4 breast cancer treatment is far more complicated than treating earlier stage cancers. For often the liver has become cancerous and requires a therapy that goes well beyond conventional therapies. However, stage 4 breast cancer DOES NOT have to be a death sentence.

At CoNexus Cancer Centers, our stage 4 breast cancer treatment involves using a tumor targeted immunotherapy which can treat multiple cancer sites without weakening the entire body. CoNexus Care involves the injection a life-saving combination of medicines that strengthen the immune system and enables your body to recognize and target cancer cells and destroy them. This integrative approach to alternative care is revolutionizing the practice of cancer treatment through immunotherapy techniques. More importantly, it's giving our patients hope. It's allowing them to look beyond today and realize a promising future lies in store for them.

What makes CoNexus Cancer Centers so unique for stage 4 cancer treatment is that it offers an innovative, safe, and comprehensive approach to destroying tumor mass while effectively treating multiple cancerous sites. This treatment employs the best of personalized and targeted cancer technologies from around the world.