Unique Precision Tumor-Targeting Immuno-Modulating Cancer Therapy!

Our trained physicians treat most "inoperable" tumors!

  • Minimal side effects Cancer immunotherapy makes cancer cells "visible" to the immune system,
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight cancer, and
  • The Immune system starts to recognize and fight cancer cells
  • No compromising immune system caused by high volumes of chemo-medicines circulating through your entire body- CoNexus Care STAYS within the tumor!

CoNexus Care offers significant improvements over most conventional and even alternative treatments. Features and advantages of CoNexus Care.

Conventional Chemo Therapy


  • Circulates through the entire body.
  • Effectiveness. Very limited amount of medicine gets into tumor, (normally around 1% or less).
  • Side Effects. Destroys both cancerous tumor and normal healthy cells, but mostly your normal cells.
  • Cycles. To achieve significant effectiveness, chemo injections must be repeated many times.
  • Destroys targeted cancer cells and normal healthy cells. The warning is that it can cause new cancer developing in different areas of the body.

ICCA's primary focus will be the application of CoNexus Care, with a full menu of services having a high success rate and commitment to eliminate cancer. One of ICCA’S prestigious oncologist will consult, evaluate, discuss a treatment plan which will include follow up care. A plan uniquely individualized, precision tumor-targeted cancer therapy, and ongoing reports to your home-based physician for your primary care physician, and post care.

CoNexus Care Tumor Targeted Immuno-Therapy